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What’s new in the .NET 2.0 class library?

Question ListCategory: ASP.NETWhat’s new in the .NET 2.0 class library?
ethanbrown author asked 3 years ago
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adamemliy16 author answered 3 years ago

Here is a selection of new features in the .NET 2.0 class library (beta 1):· Generic collections in the System.Collections.Generic namespace.
· The System.Nullable type. (Note that C# has special syntax for
this type, e.g. int? is equivalent to Nullable)
· The GZipStream and DeflateStream classes in the
System.IO.Compression namespace.
· The Semaphore class in the System.Threading namespace.
· Wrappers for DPAPI in the form of the ProtectedData and
ProtectedMemory classes in the System.Security.Cryptography
· The IPC remoting channel in the
System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Ipc namespace, for optimised
intra-machine communication.

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