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What is the difference between VB 6 and VB.NET?

Question ListCategory: VB.NETWhat is the difference between VB 6 and VB.NET?
milleranthony7 author asked 3 years ago
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adamemliy16 author answered 3 years ago

1.The concept of the complete flow of execution of a program from start to finish: Visual Basic hides this aspect of programs from you, so that the only elements of a Visual Basic program you code are the event handlers and any methods in class modules. C# makes the complete program available to you as source code.

The reason for this has to do with the fact that C# can be seen, philosophically, as nextgeneration C++. The roots of C++ go back to the 1960s and predate windowed user interfaces and sophisticated operating systems. C++ evolved as a lowlevel, closetothemachine, allpurpose language.

To write GUI applications with C++ meant that you had to invoke the system calls to create and interact with the windowed forms. C# has been designed to build on this tradition while simplifying and modernizing C++, to combine the lowlevel performance benefits of C++ with the ease of coding in Visual Basic. Visual Basic, on the other hand, is designed specifically for rapid application development of Windows GUI applications.

For this reason, in Visual Basic all the GUI boilerplate code is hidden, and all the
Visual Basic programmer implements are the event handlers. In C# on the other hand, this boilerplate code is exposed as part of your source code.

2. Classes and inheritance: C# is a genuine objectoriented language, unlike Visual Basic, requiring all code to be a part of a class. It also includes extensive support for implementation inheritance. Indeed, most welldesigned C# programs will be very much designed around this form of inheritance, which is completely absent in Visual Basic

ethanbrown author answered 3 years ago
adamemliy16 author answered 3 years ago

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