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What is Polymorphism ?

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adamemliy16 author asked 4 years ago
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jeanderson295 author answered 3 years ago

'Polymorphism' is an object oriented term. Polymorphism may be defined as the ability of
related objects to respond to the same message with different, but appropriate actions. In

other words, polymorphism means taking more than one form. Polymorphism leads to two

important aspects in Object Oriented terminology – Function Overloading and Function

Overriding. Overloading is the practice of supplying more than one definition for a given

function name in the same scope. The compiler is left to pick the appropriate version of the

function or operator based on the arguments with which it is called. Overriding refers to the

modifications made in the sub class to the inherited methods from the base class to change

their behavior.

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