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What is Geolocation API in HTML?

Question ListCategory: HTMLWhat is Geolocation API in HTML?
adamemliy16 author asked 4 years ago
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denielshakespeare5 author answered 3 years ago

HTML5 Geolocation API enables you to share your location along with your favorite internet sites.
A Javascript will capture your latitude and line of longitude and might be sent to backend internet
server and do fancy location-aware things like finding native businesses or showing your location on
a map.
Today most of the browsers and mobile devices support Geolocation API. The geolocation apis work
with a replacement property of the worldwide navigator object ie. Geolocation object which might
be created as follows:
var geolocation = navigator.geolocation;
The geolocation object could be a service object that permits widgets to retrieve info regarding the
geographic location of the device.

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