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What happens when a switch receives a frame ?

Question ListCategory: NetworkingWhat happens when a switch receives a frame ?
adamemliy16 author asked 3 years ago
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jeanderson295 author answered 3 years ago

In the below diagram, PC1 pings PC2. The IP packet is encapsulated using an ethernet
frame and is sent to the E0 interface on the switch. The frame has the source mac-address

as the mac-address of PC1 and the destination mac-address as PC2


The switch looks into the source mac-address inside the frame. If it is unavailable on the

cam table of the switch, the switch adds the information in the table. The switch then

looks into the destination mac-address, and checks for the corresponding information in

the cam table. If unavailable, the switch uses a technique called flooding, where the frame

is sent out to all ports. When PC2 responds, the destination mac-address of PC2 is added

to the corresponding port and the cam table updated. For subsequent packets, the frame is

not flooded, but sent directly to E1 since, the information is already available in the cam


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