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How do computers connected to two different switches communicate ?

Question ListCategory: NetworkingHow do computers connected to two different switches communicate ?
jamessmith05 author asked 3 years ago
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milleranthony7 author answered 3 years ago


In the above diagram, PC1 and PC2 are connected to respective ports on the switch as
shown below. The switches are connected to each other using the E1 ports on the

respective switches. When PC1 pings PC2, an ARP request packet is generated, for

identifying the mac-address of PC2. The ARP request packet is a broadcast packet, which

is broadcasted to all ports on SW1. The ARP packet would be sent through the E1

interface on SW1, reach the E1 interface on SW2 and eventually reach PC2. PC2 would

respond with it’s mac-address to PC1. Now on SW2, the mac-address of PC1 is added to

the E1 interface on SW2, as it had received the ARP request through the interface, which

had the source mac-address as that of PC1. This information would be updated in the cam

table of SW1. The ARP reply would be sent out through E1 on SW2 and E1 on SW1 and

eventually would reach PC1. The next time PC1 pings PC2, the cam table of the switch

would list the mac-address of PC1 on E1 on SW1. All packets would be sent to E1 on

SW1, which would then be forwarded out to SW2.

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